This is how it feels

I learned from the New Yorker that children’s author Mo Willems ends his readings by asking:

“Any librarians or teachers in the audience today? Raise your hands. Higher. Higher.” He pauses. Looks out. “Now back and forth a little bit, to try and get my attention.” The first time I saw this, I was waiting for him to suggest that we all clap. But that’s not how jokes work. Willems just says, “Well, now you see how it feels.”



Am off in Malmö to wander, read and think. Sometimes you have to listen to yourself and get away.

Hay fever

Right on the border of England and Wales is a very special place. Hay on Wye is the world’s first ‘book town’ in that a major part of its economy is generated from the endless secondhand bookshops that line the streets. If you’re a bibliophile it’s always worth a visit but once a year they make it essential.

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